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Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Course

This course is ideal for anyone seeking qualification to obtain their Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit. The 8-hour course includes both classroom training and range instruction & qualification. The course covers the basic skills and knowledge necessary to be safe, proficient, and confident with a handgun. You will learn how pistols and revolvers work, breath control, trigger control, and the responsibilities of firearm ownership. We place a heavy emphasis on safety and Tennessee State Statutes as they relate to the use of force and the use of deadly force. Upon completion of this course, the graduating student will be qualified to apply for their Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit.


Upcoming Classes for 2018:


Handgun Carry Class: October 13th (8 am - 4 pm)

Armed & Unarmed Security Guard Training & Recertification Class:  TBA


Handgun Marksmanship for Self-Defense

This course of instruction is designed for an individual that has completed the TN (or another state) handgun carry permit certification. This 4-hour class is designed to strengthen safe handgun management skills and enhance marksmanship that will sustain under stress in a self-defense situation.


Upcoming Classes for 2018: