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Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Course

This course is ideal for anyone seeking qualification to obtain their Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit. The 8-hour course includes both classroom training and range instruction & qualification. The course covers the basic skills and knowledge necessary to be safe, proficient, and confident with a handgun. You will learn how pistols and revolvers work, breath control, trigger control, and the responsibilities of firearm ownership. We place a heavy emphasis on safety and Tennessee state statutes as they relate to the use of force and the use of deadly force. Upon completion of this course, the graduating student will be qualified to apply for their Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit.


Upcoming Classes for 2019:


Handgun Carry Course: April 13th, May 4th & June 15th (8 am - 4 pm)




Our Instructors:

Our instructors have over 50 years combined law enforcement experience.


Instructor, Raymond Barnhart:


    34 years of L.E. experience


    Former Houston P.D. Sgt.-Criminal Street Gang Unit


    Former Supervisor Divisional Tactical Unit


    NRA Firearms Instructor (certified)


    Tennessee School Safety Specialist


    A.L.I.C.E. Instructor


    Certified Crime Prevention Specialist


    Assisted in the development of a Best Practices Guide

    for Interscholastic


    Athletics and After-School Safety & Security


Instructor, Scott Spicer:


    18+ years of L.E. experience


    Department Firearms Instructor (certified)


    FBI Instructor Development


    Field Training Officer


    Former SWAT sniper


    SWAT Team Leader (current)


    FX Simunitions Instructor (certified)


Topics of Instruction:


    Basic Handgun Safety


    Basic Handgun Marksmanship


    How to Operate a Semi-Automatic and a Revolver


    Cleaning the Handgun


    Deadly Force and Civil Liability


Monthly Classes

We offer classes once a month. In order to give each student the maximum one on

one time with the instructor, we keep our class size small. Register early to save your

spot in the upcoming TN Handgun Carry Permit Course.


Private Classes

We offer the TN Handgun Permit Course to a group as small as 15 or as large as 25.

This is perfect for a ladies group, church group, or a group of friends. Contact us to

make a private booking.


Course Pricing


Handgun Rental & Ammunition $25 (Optional)


Gift Certificates

Looking for a unique gift?  We offer gift certificates for our TN Handgun Carry Permit Classes. What a great way to show someone you care about their safety & security!