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Solid Ground Security provides a range of security services through the use of armed & unarmed security officers. Many of our security officers are current and retired law enforcement as well as retired military personnel. Having on-site security serves as a deterrent, provides instant problems for a perpetrator, and many times will displace the criminal- stopping the crime before it ever occurs. On-site security provides not only peace of mind but relieves your company from liability issues.


Our services include the following:


    • Apartment/Residential Communities

    • Construction & Building Sites

    • Retail/Parking Lot Security

    • Churches

    • Auto Dealerships

    • Hotels/Motels

    • Warehouses

    • Banks

    • Pharmacies

    • Athletic Facilities/Events

    • Weddings

    • Special Events

    • Other Requests



Additional Services include:


    • Home Defense & Emergency Preparedness Plan